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Chukyo TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Company overview

Established in 1969, Chukyo TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (CTV) serves about 11 million viewers in the Tokai region, the prosperous central part of Japan, encompassing Nagoya, Toyota, and Ise, to name a few of the cities in the region.

As a member of Nippon TV Network System (NNS), the largest commercial TV network of the five major networks in Japan, CTV has been vigorously producing programs of all genres, ranging from news, sports, documentaries, dramas, to pop culture entertainment.

Having its headquarters in the central part of Japan, historically known for its beautiful nature as well as industrial innovation, also adds a unique but friendly taste to our programs.

We will keep delivering qualified programs to audiences in the Tokai region as well as to audiences from across the country.

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Kazuki Yokoi Deputy Councilor
Chukyo TV Broadcasting Co.

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