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Fuji Television Network, Inc.

Company overview

Since commencing broadcasts in 1959, Fuji Television has shared countless stories of love and friendship, good and evil. As a trendsetter, we have remained half a step ahead of these rapidly changing times by delivering innovative dramas, variety shows, newscasts, sports programs, and motion pictures. That is the very reason why Fuji Television has been able to maintain its position as a leading commercial broadcaster in the Japanese media industry.

Fuji Television’s vision to allow its creativity to reach beyond things that are only Japanese, has helped it to be accepted globally.

With over 60 years of experience, Fuji Television has accumulated extensive expertise and knowledge in producing hit TV shows and formats, prompting drama remakes to local markets as well as co-producing original programs with major overseas production companies. By leveraging these skill sets and our creative DNA, we continue to expand into new markets around the world, bringing Japanese creativity to a wider audience.

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Ryuji Komiya

Yuri Akimoto

Hajung Byun

Francois Grosjean