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Director: Enric Bach

Producer: Sumpta Ayuso

Executive Producer: Sumpta Ayuso, Justin Webster , Hanka Kastelicova (HBO Europe), Miguel Salvat (HBO Europe)

Genres: Documentary

People: Enric Bach, Hanka Kastelicova (HBO Europe), Justin Webster, Miguel Salvat (HBO Europe), Sumpta Ayuso

The Pioneer

HBO Europe

The life of Jesús Gil is one of the most surprising and controversial stories of the last few decades in Europe. A unique character, he broke the mould in the world of politics, football and real estate in Spain. Eccentric and deeply irreverent, Gil knew how to connect with people and was adored by the Spanish mass media. Yet he constantly defied the law and was pursued for years by the judiciary, who eventually intervened in Atlético de Madrid – the football club he presided over as President for 16 years – and disqualified Gil as mayor of Marbella. The pioneer tells a story with elements that are today recognisable all over the world, and asks the question why we let ourselves be seduced by certain characters. The Pioneer is a JWP production for HBO Europe.

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