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Director: Burak Dogansoysal

Producer: BBA Broadband Films

Executive Producer: Akin Esgin

Writer: Burak Dogansoysal

Genres: Children’s, Documentary, Kids

Demographics: Children, Family

People: Akin Esgin, BBA Broadband Films, Burak Dogansoysal

Mini Documentary Kids

Happy Family Entertainment
65 x 1 min

In Mini Documentary Kids – a series consisting of dozens of episodes – under the topic “wildlife & animals”, we discourse the world’s knowledge in 1 minute.

This is an educational and fun series, entirely produced to introduce the existing wild animals of our planet to our children as well as to make the children appreciate the nature.

Mini Documentary Kids is a format with an educative narration that communicates directly with children, full of interesting footage supported with background music and ambient sound, can be either used as fillers between programs or social media posting & brand supported advertising.

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