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Director: Benson Chung

Producer: Engine Studios, Li-Yu Fu

Executive Producer: Vick Wang

Genres: Animation, Children’s, Kids

People: Benson Chung, Engine Studios, Li-Yu Fu, Vick Wang

Hello Manui

Happy Family Entertainment
13 x 3 min (1st season)

Hello Manui is an educational animation which incorporates a concept of numbers for preschool audiences.

One day, the main character of the story, Bina, meets a sea elf named Manui and the two become close friends. Manui takes Bina on a thrilling and exuberant underwater. Here they encounter a great variety of sea creatures such as the funny flapjack octopus quintuplets, the serious mommy octopus, the home-loving hermit crab, the shy ocean sunfish, and the careless little shrimp. They travel through many unique marine environments of Taiwan, from the mysterious Blue Cave and the beautiful Great Barrier Reef Taiwan. On Bina’s journey of making new friends, the audience is invited to experience the fun of numbers with her.

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