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Director: Hiroaki Matsuyama

Writer: Keisuke Uyama

Cast: Mei Nagano, Yuki Yamada

Genres: Drama


Ame(Rain) and Taiyo(Sun), two people with opposite names, face a "severe miracle" in the purest love story of this winter!

The main character, Ame Aihara, has been unable to open her heart to others because of her sad past and lack of self-confidence. However, one day after returning to her hometown in Nagasaki, she is reunited with Taiyo Asano, the only man with whom she had a heart-to-heart communication in the past, and whom she still cannot forget to this day. However, her joy at the reunion was short-lived, as he was involved in an accident.A man who claims to be a "guide" from the other world appears before the sorrowful Ame and says, "If you give me your heart, I will perform a miracle for you". However, the condition of "offering her heart" was too severe for Ame....What is the meaning of the "heart" that Ame is deprived of in exchange for the "miracle"? And what will happen to them as a result of the "miracle" that the guide performs?