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Producer: Wtfn Entertainment

Executive Producer: Steve Oemcke, Stephen Rees, Peter Walsh

Cast: Peter Walsh, Cherie Barber, Angie Kent

Genres: Format, Reality


Across the globe families are battling a clutter crisis and desperately need an intervention. Enter inspirational declutter guru Peter Walsh. With multiple best-selling books and years ‘organising’ for TV titan Oprah Winfrey, Peter has transformed thousands of lives. Understanding that people’s belongings are heavily tied to their emotions, in confronting scenes he pushes families to take ownership of their ‘stuff’ and turn chaos to calm. Joining Peter is renovation queen Cherie Barber and new for Season 3 is self-confessed obsessive collector and former Gogglebox Australia star Angie Kent. Cherie has just two days to renovate the homes, with her mantra ‘minimum spend for maximum impact’.

Meanwhile Angie will be looking for hidden gems to turn into fast cash. Authentic, emotion-charged, and always good humoured, Space Invaders helps those in greatest need, and in the process inspires homeowners to improve their lives. The extraordinary work of the Space Invaders team never fails to leave entire families speechless and overwhelmed with gratitude for this life changing experience.

Space Invaders is also available as a format.

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