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Producer: Epic Story Media

Executive Producer: Ken Faier, Kevin Mowrer, Ray Wang, Aaron Gilbert

Writer: Shelley Hoffman, Robert Pincombe, Lesley Halferty, Kate Keenan, Dave Dias, Anne-Marie Perrotta, Karen Moonah, Andrew Shenkman

Cast: Michelle Rivard, Tamara Freeman, Meagan McPherson, Colin Simmons, Dillon O’Shea, Aaron Michael Reilly, Tricia Brioux, Francesca Lee, Christina Pastor, Jackie Roda, Ardin Patterson

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Entertainment, Kids

Demographics: Children, Female

11 minutes

Hailey is seven and a whole new world is about to open up to her. On her birthday, she receives the most incredible gift; a gift that has been passed down through many generations – from mother to daughter.
That’s because Hailey and Hailey’s mom are Cometts and they come from a long line of remarkable women – from painters to politicians, archeologists and anthropologists, musicians and mathematicians. It’s an incredible gift and an incredible tradition. That gift is... a heart shaped crystal bracelet.

“A bracelet?? I love, love, love bracelets...and this one has a huge sparkly heart!”
However, just as the Cometts were no ordinary women, this is no ordinary bracelet.

This is an heirloom and a grand one at that. It’s called the “The Hero Heart.” For generations it’s been passed down to the Comett girls including Hailey’s mom, Arwynn, when she turned seven. When a Comett girl puts the bracelet on her wrist, the Hero Heart feels everything she feels and has opinions about what to do about those feelings! It swirls and changes colors as Hailey’s emotions rev up and when something goes wrong with how she’s handling things, the Hero Heart locks that issue into its magic heart and Hailey is transported on the kind of wild adventures that only a seven-year-old’s imagination could bring to life. Those adventures are shaped by whatever drama The Hero Heart captured.

A minor conflict at a birthday party could turn into an epic clash of Kings and Queens. On the adventure, Hailey must figure out how to solve her own problem that has been made into a grand adventure before she can return to her bedroom a little wiser and a little more confident!