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Big Bounce Battle

Prepare for the ultimate physical gameshow that’ll make you want to jump out of your seat…literally. Big Bounce Battle is the new skill-driven show that looks like a gameshow, but has the same high appeal as a talent contest. Each show features a wide variety of contestants trying to conquer spectacular obstacle courses of trampolines as fast as they can. There are several tracks and each track pushes the contestants to the limits of their own speed, strength, balance and timing. The different tracks become more and more tricky as the series progresses. The contestants will literally face ups and downs on these fun-packed tracks, all the way to the final, where the fastest contestant will ultimately claim victory and take home the huge cash prize. This family friendly spectacle welcomes all candidates who are fit enough for the craziest battle ever. A race against time and gravity. Big Bounce Battle is dynamic and energetic. Rich and colourful. A visual treat for everybody’s eyes.

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