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Director: Twan Huys

Producer: Marije Koopman, Bibi van Troost, Gwen Kok

Executive Producer: KRO-NCRV

Cast: Twan Huys

Genres: Documentary


Munich, 1972. During the Olympics, a group of Palestinians attacks the Israeli fencing team. The hostage situation ends in a bloodbath, but the German authorities never reveal what really happened. Ankie Spitzer, wife of the Israeli fencing coach Andre Spitzer, has been fighting for the truth about the murder of her husband ever since. In this two-part documentary, Spitzer finds answers to questions that have been hidden for 50 years. How did Andre die, who did it, and most important, what happened to the murderer? Due to newly uncovered documents and testimonies of eyewitnesses who have never spoken up, the truth finally reveals itself.

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