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Director: Eva van Barneveld

Producer: Tangerine Tree, KRO-NCRV

Executive Producer: Kiyomi Molin

Writer: Eva van Barneveld

Cast: Hetty, Jeanne

Genres: Documentary, TV Movie


Hetty (76) and Jeanne (91) are lovers, enjoying their colorful life together. Their motto is to live life to the fullest until they drop. But slowly, their carefree spirit dwindles, now that dementia is gradually affecting Jeanne’s behavior and capacities. Inevitably, their relationship is changing and the care tasks are increasing. Their strong bond is being challenged. Hetty is faced with the dilemma of how to best engage with her lover, now that her abilities are compromised. She wants to treat Jeanne with respect and stay true to herself, but that becomes more and more challenging. Should Hetty seek support from others, even if it feels like betraying Jeanne? Fortunately, they have their humor, creativity, love for music and a bit of shamelessness to help them cope. Sweetling is an ode to love and a quest for new ways of connectedness.

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