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Theme Festival - Comedy Drama


Theme Festival - Comedy Drama

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We all love to laugh out loud! We dive into best of best comedy drama suppliers have to offer that make audiences feel good time and time again.

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Seriously funny


What’s behind the recent shift away from traditional sitcoms to hybrid comedy dramas and where is the genre heading next? Oli Hammett reports.


In recent years, the terms ‘comedy drama’ and ‘dramedy’ have become commonplace as the genres of comedy and drama undergo a creative fusion. Meanwhile, international hits such as After Life, Catastrophe and Fleabag are changing viewers’ perceptions of comedy by injecting stronger narrative arcs and serious issues.


C21’s International Drama Awards (IDAs) last year featured a comedy drama category, in which Feel Good, produced by the UK’s Objective Fiction for Channel 4 and Netflix, beat off competition from the likes of Breeders and Frayed on Sky.


Ben Farrell, chief creative officer at All3Media-owned Objective, says the genre is evolving rapidly: “The simplest way to describe dramedy at the moment would be comedies that you pitch to the comedy departments that also have an element of drama.”