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Director: Tadaaki Horai, Yasuyuki Fukasako

Producer: Yasuyuki Fukasako, Yurie Morimoto

Executive Producer: Hiroo Maruyama, Masahiro Kazumoto, Izumi Bando

Writer: Ayako Kitagawa

Cast: Shihori Kanjiya

Genres: Drama

Demographics: All audiences

Wine, Dine and Woo Me

Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.
16 x 24’

Megumi Kanbayashi has been a freelance writer for five years. As a just-turned-30 single woman, she is beginning to feel the pangs of marriage anxiety. One day, Megumi’s editor brings her an idea for a series to be offered on the internet. It’s a novel premise - advertise for a single male looking for a relationship; then he picks a restaurant for a blind date during which “he woos her over a meal.” Megumi loves the idea of a free, delicious meal and seizes the opportunity. And so begins the search for candidates for “Wine, Dine and Woo Me” column series! Here is a delightful comedy-cum-food show which follows Megumi on various dinner dates as she searches for love and the ideal mate. Actual restaurants in Tokyo are featured in every episode.

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