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Director: Luke Eve

Producer: Maria Albiñana, Luke Eve

Writer: Maria Albiñana, Luke Eve

Cast: Maria Albiñana, Luke Eve, Karen Eve

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Demographics: All audiences


HG Distribution
10 x 8’ & 1 x 80’

It’s not every day a global pandemic hits forcing you to cancel your wedding and head into immediate lockdown with your fiancé ... and his mum. Maria is all set for her dream wedding in her hometown of Valencia, Spain. Her fiancé, Luke and his mum, Karen, are on their way from Australia. The only problem is, they arrive as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps through Europe. As guests get stranded, have to cancel, or get sick, Luke and Maria face the difficult decision to cancel their wedding. Spain quickly becomes the pandemic’s epicenter and residents are forced into a strict lockdown. Maria and Luke batten down the hatches with Luke’s mum who has been unable to leave in time. The trio struggles with their unusual newfound living situation and they soon learn that their wedding will not be the only thing cancelled in this new life.

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