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Director: Michael Hurst, Murray Keane, Britta Hawkins, Oliver Driver

Producer: Mark Beesley

Executive Producer: Chris Bailey, Kelly Martin

Writer: Kate McDermott

Cast: Jono Kenyon, Sia Trokenheim, Rawiri Jobe, Tania Nolan

Genres: Drama, Format

Step Dave (Scripted Format)

all3media international
26 x 60 mins + Format available

Dave, a 24-year-old slacker, finds that the love of his life comes complete with serious baggage – two teenage sized pieces and one smaller that’s into cartoons. Swapping beer and nightlife for homework and school runs, this is a sharply funny drama of one ordinary guy’s upturned life. Can this unconventional relationship survive the age difference and the pressures of the multi-generational household? Can Dave step up (no pun intended) and be a proper parent? Should he even try to? Can this unruly bunch live happily ever after as one big happy family?

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