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Director: Min Chul-gi

Producer: Lee Jin-ju, Park Hyun-ju, Yang Seul-gi

Cast: Ka-hi, Park Jung-ah, Sun-ye, Byul, Yang Eun-ji, Hyun Jyu-ni

Genres: Entertainment, Format, Reality

8 x 90

Six female singers – symbols of the 90s and 00s who are now mothers – make an Avengers’ comeback as a group! Each super moms in their own respect, the diverse mix of stars assemble as an all-star team and return to the stage to prove that they still got it!

Given 1 month of preparation, their goal is to make their debut as a new group. However, in order to do so, the group must attract a certain number of social media followers and fan club members within that period as proof of their potential.

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