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Director: Martin De Vaulk

Genres: Documentary

Wheeler's Everest

CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution
1 x 78

Join world famous author and explorer Wade Davis and Jeff Wheeler, grandson of Oliver Wheeler, one of the most courageous and intriguing adventurers of all time, as they embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. From the halls of London’s storied Royal Geographical Society, to the French battlefields of WWI, to the green mountains of Darjeeling, India and, even higher, to a climactic trek through Tibet’s legendary Rongbuk Valley, Davis and Wheeler retrace the first ever Everest expedition that took place over a century ago, and reveal the incredible, but almost forgotten, discovery of the ‘doorway’ to Everest in 1921 and the first mapping of the mountain and surrounding Himalayan massif.

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