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Director: Jan Kühne

Producer: Jan Kühne, Max Lais, Hanno von Contzen, Maximilian Doeckel, Nora Hiller, Sophie Seitz, Marc Tigges, Maike Wüllner, Anika Delhasse

Writer: Hanno von Contzen, Jan Kühne

Cast: Olivia Burkhart, Justus Johanssen, Marcel Kowalewski, Anne-Marie Topel, Saskia Caroline Keilbach, Nicole A. Zalewska

Genres: Sci-Fi

8 x half hour

Anna and Jess have been looking forward to going camping together. But their fun trip is cut short when Jess suddenly disappears under mysterious and seemingly supernatural circumstances. Now, Anna resolves to search for Jess and enlists her friends Lukas and Ben to join her. Equipped with cameras, they document and post their journey online for everyone to witness, as it leads them to find brutal creatures and a wide-ranging conspiracy. With each step down this sinister path, Anna discovers ever more of her own dark past… but that is only the start: This nightmare is getting way too real!

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