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Director: Carlos Theron, Adolfo Valor

Producer: Antonio Asensio, Domingo Corral

Executive Producer: Cristobal Garrido, Adolfo Valor

Cast: Javier Gutierrez, Miki Esparbe, Itsaso Arana

Genres: Drama, Sports

6 x half hour

Paco “the Condor” bears his nickname for a reason: When the charismatic sportscaster smells even a whiff of bungle, incompetence or corruption, he descends from the heavens like a vulture and eats the culprits alive. From the safe haven of his microphone, Paco is prosecutor, judge and executioner - all in one. Until one day, he goes too far. Or so thinks Jota Montes, his right hand man and sidekick. Forced against his will by Paco into a low blow against the ill-fated national coach, Jota gets back at Paco by staying on at their home station while Paco follows the money to the competition. But very soon, Jota finds himself fighting on two fronts: against his colleague and (now) ex-girlfriend Marga who was promised his time slot and against Paco, of course. Both battles turn from witty to reckless to foul play as they claim collateral damage left and right. But just when it seems the most ruthless will win, one of them remembers the values and ideals they all once stood for.

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