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Don't Leave Me

Arzu is a middle-aged woman who has a happy marriage and life. Her husband Cengiz and her two sons Tarik and Emre live all together in Ankara. Emre is graduated from medical school and comes back to home. On his return, Arzu's old friend Esin visits them and this changes their life. Because Esin is the only person who knows the truth about Tarik's real father, who happens to be Esin's cousin, Orhan. Orhan violated Arzu in her university years and left her alone. Esin uses this secret to reach the rich life she has dream of and makes plans to arrange a marriage between her daughter Cansu and Emre. When Emre needs to go to Istanbul for a medical seminar, Cansu is forced by her mother to meet him and show him around. Since Cansu remembers Emre as a fat and ugly boy, she sends her waitress to meet him and pretend to be herself. Zeynep, the waitress, accepts this offer because she needs to earn money to complete her medical school. Emre and Zeynep falls in love at first sight and this becomes the turning point for everyone and puts pressure on Arzu. A war starts between Cansu and Zeynep and breaks down Esin's plans. Now Arzu will struggle with all these events but she won't be able to stop her family to break down.

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