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Director: Vincent Garenq

Producer: Alain Arbibe, Julie Lafore

Executive Producer: Stéphane Moatti

Writer: Vincent Garenq, Christian Iacono

Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Victor Meutelet, Charlie Bruneau

Genres: Drama


From Thalie Images (Kabo Family)

Inspired by a drama that shocked the town of Vence in the Alpes-Maritimes département, the miniseries Le Mensonge portrays the accusation of incest made by a child against his grandfather.

Marriage, family, career, everything in Claude's life is a success. Mayor of his town, he is almost certain to become senator. For his beloved grandson Lucas, life is much less cheerful: his parents are divorcing and he's awkward and ill at ease. One day he accuses his grandfather of rape...