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Producer: The Story Lab Russia,Daily Heroes for VK,Russia
Genres: Format
People: Daily Heroes for VK, Russia, The Story Lab Russia
Street Stars

60/30 mins or Short Form

Street Stars is a brand new talent format with an interactive twist, truly supporting talent. Throughout this series, buskers & grass-roots talent perform for the public and online communities in an opportunity of a lifetime. Initially, showcasing their raw talents in the open public spaces they are familiar with, the audiences support & shape their future and decide which performers will survive each round to perform live on-ground and across a variety of platforms. In a series of progressively larger settings & technically challenging surroundings, our talents perform each week showcasing their diversity, knowing the have the support of their own communities behind them, leading up to the grand Concert Finale.

In a unique twist, the audience vote and guide their favourite participants, not only via social interactions, but also through donations. A points system combining “ likes”, “shares” and donations, ranks our top talent, clearly moving them upwards and into the next round - the better the performance, the more points & donations the artists receives, the closer they move to the Finale. An emotional inclusive journey, this series truly allows talent to shape their own futures & get a head start, through shared community support.

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