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Director: J.J. Johnson,Stefan Scaini,Warren Sonoda
Producer: Eric Beldowski
Executive Producer: Blair Powers,J.J. Johnson,Christin Simms
Writer: J.J. Johnson,Christin Simms
Cast: Michela Luci,Saara Chaudry,Nicola Corrira-Damude,Amish Patel
Genres: Children’s
People: Amish Patel, Blair Powers, Christin Simms, Eric Beldowski, J.J. Johnson, Michela Luci, Nicola Corrira-Damude, Saara Chaudry, Stefan Scaini, Warren Sonoda
Shows: Dino Dana
Companies: Sinking Ship Entertainment
Dino Dana

52 x 22’ or 104 x 11’

Following in the footsteps of Emmy-winning Dino Dan and Trek’s Adventures, this brand new spin off takes the franchise to a whole new level of dinosaur adventure. It includes 16 new prehistoric creatures and an incredible transforming backpack. Meet Dana, a spunky 10 year-old “paleontologist in training” who eats, sleeps and breathes dinos. This epic new series promises to double the action and bring the audience closer to the dinosaurs than ever before.

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