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Producer: Brown Bag Films

Genres: Animation, Children’s, Kids, TV Movie

Demographics: Children, Family

People: Brown Bag Films

Angela's Christmas

9 Story Distribution International
1 x 30 minutes

Based on a children’s book by Frank McCourt, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir Angela’s Ashes and starring Lucy O’Connell (Song of the Sea) and Oscar® nominated Ruth Negga (Loving).

Angela’s Christmas tells the story of six-year-old Angela, who – while attending mass on Christmas Eve – notices the statue of Baby Jesus lying in the manger. Worried that the underdressed statue will be cold in the cavernous church, Angela decides to “rescue” the statue and bring him home to warm him up. Angela’s Christmas is a funny, heart-warming, and poignant story about the power of family and the innocent desire of a child to ensure everyone is safe, warm, and loved at Christmas Time.

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