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Director: Alla Popova, Olga Surkova

Producer: Olga Obogoeva

Executive Producer: Nina Kruglova

Writer: Evgenii Kuznetsov, Stanislav Safronov, Sergei Terehov, Anton Chinenov

Cast: Evgenii Rebrov, Vladimir Fomin, Lubov Chemodanova, Ekaterina Ivanova, Georgii Sudarikov

Genres: Animation, Comedy

Demographics: 15+, All audiences

Season 1: 20x15' 2018

The story is quite common: a girl brings home a boyfriend to meet the parents, and her pumped-up scientist father doesn’t like “this skinny fool”. And then a zombie-apocalypse happens. And now this “skinny fool” is the last human in the world, where everyone else has turned to a zombie. And now he’s stuck at his girlfriend’s home with the rest of her family (which doesn’t eat him only out of love for their daughter). Oh, and the father also wants to kill him. But he can’t, as the boy is needed for research to beat the zombie-virus. A very common story, indeed.