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Producer: Dmytro Komarov

Writer: Dmytro Komarov

Genres: Entertainment, Format

50 min

The World Inside Out is an amazing travel show that features countries, which are not offered by travel agencies or are popular as regular trips. The show’s crew is a super team of two desperate and brave men. An extreme traveler Dmytro Komarov and a camera man Oleksandr Dmitriiev go to the most mysterious parts of the world, and are not afraid of the mountains, jungles or frightening customs of wild tribes. The team of The World Inside Out stays in every country for a few months as this is the only way to fully understand the country, see it “inside out” and meet interesting people. This is a project about the incredible side of life. This is the original project by a traveler and a journalist Dmytro Komarov, which is exclusively broadcasted by 1+1 TV channel.

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