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Director: Andrey Dzhunkovskiy

Producer: Valeriy Fedorovich, Evgeniy Nikishov

Writer: Anastasiya Volkova

Cast: Ekaterina Vilkova, Aleksey Rozin, Aleksandra Rebenok, Denis Shvedov, Ekaterina Stulova

Genres: Drama

8 episodes per 48 minutes

In the small Northern town surrounded by forests and wild nature everything looks ordinary – local school, medical hospital and groceries shop. It is the perfect place for somebody, who wants to get lost and start all over. But only few know that it is the place to arrive but impossible to leave.
Alice is 17, she spends days in high school and evenings at home fighting with stepmother. Alice is an outsider; locals treat her as a weirdo. The young girl knows she is different – she suffers from prolific nightmares full of horror resulting in insomnia and panic attacks. Alice secretly takes tranquilizers in order to sleep and deal with anxiety. The only person who supports and believes Alice is her best friend Vika.

Vika has her own issues, including a tough relationship with her father and mentally ill mother. The young girl is expected to babysit her mother and take care of her, while father devoted himself fully to work and gives his daughter little attention.

Girls decide to leave the town for good: Vika wants freedom from her dysfunctional family and Alice wants to escape her nightmares, since they believe that scary visions are connected to the place where they live. But the plan goes wrong: Vika is murdered and Alice stays in town to find her best friend’s killer.

Vika visits Alice in her dreams and gives clues to solve the murder. Alice follows the leads, without understanding where this investigation can take her. With every new answer to the question about the murderer Alice dives deeper in the labyrinth of Northern town mysteries.

Alice comes across Konstantin who arrives in town in search of his missing children. Vika’s murder and kidnapping of children turn out to be connected. Alice is joined by other teenagers in the quest for truth: together they try to outplay the future using prolific dreams and to unveil the reason for mysteries and misfortunes of their small town: are they caused the experimental Rocket Launch Base close to their homes or the reasons lay deeper in the curses of the past.