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Meet the Drama Pitch projects


At Content London, on Tuesday November 27 at 3pm, the final eight projects will present in the C21 Drama Pitch. Take a look at all 15 longlisted projects ahead of that event to see some top shows that are looking to complete finance.





After Life
NL Film
Genre/format: Sci-fi/drama (6×60’)
Creators: Boudewijn Rosenmuller, Shariff Korver
Partners: AVROTROS
Production stage: Early stage of development (story), start date to be determined
Shooting locations/languages: The Netherlands and other countries, to be determined. Possible co-production with other countries, so Dutch and other languages.
Budget: Approximately €1,200 000 per ep. At least 6 episodes, possibly more
Financing: None
Looking for: Possible coproduction partners and broadcasters, OTT platform or sales agents.
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Boudewijn Rosenmuller, creative producer, NL Film
Kaja Wolffer, producer, NL Film

In an attempt to defy death, an elderly female billionaire sets up an experiment to implant her memories into the stolen body of a thirty-year-old woman. When the young woman’s husband joins the experiment to try to rekindle his wife’s memories of him, a battle for the young woman’s mind ensues.
After Life is a high concept futuristic drama series by NL FILM, the creators of TV and Film hits such as Penoza and The Resistance Banker. The Netherland’s rising star, Shariff Korver (Fenix, Infiltrant) will direct this sophisticated, complex science fiction series fuelled by mystery and suspense. The series is set in the Netherlands in the 1950s and 2040 and explores human behavior and relationships, our universal fear of death and the relationship between body and soul.
How far will you go to win back the love of your life? If your mind could live forever by changing bodies, would you do that? And are you still ‘you’ if your memories live on in another body?

Company profile
NL Film is a leading Dutch production company specializing in feature films and television drama. Since its foundation in 2001, NL Film has built up an impressive oeuvre of short and feature-length films, youth drama and television series. Its television portfolio includes drama series such as Penoza, the Banff Rockie Award-winning miniseries The Body Collector and the daily youth drama series Best Friends, which is currently finishing its 12th season.
NL Film also provides a wide range of feature films, including the multi-award-winning Netflix original The Resistance Banker (also the Dutch Oscar submission 2018), the romantic comedies Love over Distance and All You Need Is Love and the Emmy Kids Award-winning telefilm Rhubarb.





Bad Apples
Fire Monkey Ltd
Genre/format: Psychological drama (8×45’)
Creators: Mia Ylönen, Roope Lehtinen, Mikko Pöllä
Partners: Elisa Viihde Finland
Production stage: Full season scripts Q1/2019, planned shooting start Q3/2019
Shooting location/language: Finland/Finnish
Budget: €3 200 000/€400 000 per ep
Financing: €2 560 000 (80 %)
Looking for: Potential coproducers and/or presale-opportunities.
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Roope Lehtinen, executive producer, Fire Monkey Ltd
Mia Ylönen, head writer

Paranoia, pyromania or prostitution – we will find a method for your madness. Bad Apples takes place in a fictional mental asylum in the Helsinki archipelago. In 1973, a young, driven student activist is sent to the institute against her will. The authorities – and even her husband – paint Onerva as an aggressive troublemaker; Onerva sees herself as an idealist fighting for justice. Who’s in the right? While trying to maintain her sanity, Onerva investigates the reality behind the controversial treatment practices. Will she find out the truth before the institute’s mind-bending treatment breaks her? Bad Apples creates an uneasy alternative history not far from the truth. The story is inspired by the Finnish island of Seili, which was used as a mental asylum for women until 1962. The series is driven by a core question: Were these women sent to the island to be silenced, or are they actually mentally ill? Are they rotten apples who need to be prevented from infecting healthy fruit?
Welcome to the madhouse.

Company profile
Fire Monkey Ltd is a drama development and production company focusing in creating quality drama with an international aim. Fire Monkey was founded in 2016 by Roope Lehtinen and Mikko Pöllä.
Roope Lehtinen is the founder and ex-CEO of Moskito Television and co-founder and first CEO of Nice Entertainment Group. He is one the most well-known media entrepreneurs and executives in the Finnish creative industry. Mikko Pöllä has created several drama series that have won numerous national and international awards, including four “Best Drama Series of the year” titles in Finland.






Genre/format: Political thriller (10×48’)
Creators: Philippe De Schepper, Geert Verbanck & Bas Adriaensen
Partners: VRT/één, Lagardère Studios Distribution
Production stage: Currently shooting until 9th of April 2019
Shooting locations/languages: Belgium/Dutch
Budget: €6 000 000/€600 000 per ep
Financing: Fully financed (100%)
Looking for: Presales, coproductions are also still possible. We deliver the series end of 2019. All markets outside Flanders are still available.
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Helen Perquy, producer, jonnydepony
Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet, managing director, Lagardère Studios Distribution

A nuclear plant gets sabotaged during winter, and causes a NATIONWIDE BLACKOUT. Not for a few hours, but for a few days. The Belgian power grid is down and the nation relies on PRIME MINISTER, ANNEMIE HILLEBRAND, and the first female prime minister in Belgium, to handle this crisis. What nobody knows, but we do know, is that moments before the blackout she received footage of her DAUGHTER ELKE who appears to be held captive. The video comes with a message: “If the lights turn back on, your daughter dies.” Annemie hesitates. She is trapped between her sense of duty and the love for her daughter. But can she risk the life of her daughter in favour of the country? Annemie decides to prolong the blackout and let one person in on her secret. A man she can trust. A man she had an affair with: MICHAEL DENDONCKER, who is in charge of the Counter Terrorism Unit and investigating the sabotage of the nuclear plant. His police inquiry will take place in a special world, a world where 11 million people are stuck in the cold dark winter without electricity, light or heating.

Company profile
jonnydepony is a young company born out of experienced fiction series people.
Showrunner Philippe De Schepper created Vermist, Dubbelleven, Rang 1, Eigen kweek and De Infiltrant and started jonnydepony in 2015 after working for 11 years for Eyeworks/Warner Belgium. He was recently joined by Helen Perquy, executive producer of Tabula Rasa and producer of Quiz Me Quick and other TV shows. We aim to work with talented writers and directors to produce strong fiction series in several genres appealing to a broad audience.
Lagardère Studios Distribution, under the leadership of Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet, is one of Europe’s largest television programming distributors. The catalogue of nearly 10,000 hours of programming includes the following genres: fiction, animation, documentaries, and also feature films. This diversity and richness is maintained by close partnerships with both French and foreign producers.





Happy Hour Of The Wolf
Warner Bros. International Television Production Finland
Genre/format: Comedy drama (8×50´)
Creators: Laura Immonen, Juha Lankinen
Partners: YLE, Finnish Film Foundation
Production stage: Shooting started in July 2018
Shooting locations/languages: Finland/Finnish
Budget: €2 150 000/€268 750 per episode
Financing: €1 860 000 (86,5 %)
Looking for: We are looking for partners to take first international rights.
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Seija-Liisa Eskola, producer, Warner Bros. International Finland
Laura Immonen, writer

Happy Hour of the Wolf is a quirky comedy drama about divorce, bizarre therapy methods and one woman’s a hunt for a missing husband. Can we ever truly understand our partners?
Couples counsellor Heta believes in love and relationship. Divorce counsellor Tony, Heta’s ex, believes in life after separation and that no one can truly know their significant other. It is an illusion and a major cause of divorces and consequent heartbreak, and Tony has the battle scars to prove it.
One day Heta’s husband Janne suddenly disappears. The police won’t do anything, they tell a distraught Heta that no crime has been committed and an adult is allowed to disappear!
In her search for her husband, Heta finds a single and disturbing clue, Janne had attended a radical divorce therapy group for men, led by her ex, Tony.
Why would Janne have gone to divorce counselling and why would he disappear all of sudden? Heta’s only option is to join Tony’s all-male “Happy Hour of the Wolf” therapy group to find out for herself.
What Heta finds will change her and other group member’s lives forever.

Company profile
Warner Bros. International Television Production Finland is a leading Finnish TV production company. WBITVP Finland has produced a number of well-known and award-winning entertainment series for all major broadcasters in Finland.
WBITVP Finland is known for several of its own-developed successful shows, such as crime drama Welcome to Texas (original title Aallonmurtaja, C More / ZDF Enterprises) and local versions of several of the Warner Bros family’s international and beloved formats. WBITVP Finland has a long track record also of working closely together with independent international distributors and making excellent and popular Finnish versions of their formats.





Pot Luck
Kindle Entertainment
Genre/format: Crime Drama (8×60’)
Creators: Nick Fisher, Pete Travis
Partners: Lionsgate
Production stage: development
Shooting locations/languages: Weymouth, UK/English
Budget: £12 000 000/£1 500 000 per ep
Financing: Distribution Advance £800 000 (6.6%)
Looking for: We are looking for co-production partners.
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Melanie Stokes, managing director, Kindle Entertainment

Brothers Adrian and Matty Collins are close to rock bottom: sick of the sight of each other and barely scraping a living from the only job they have ever known: crab fishing off the south coast.
Every day is a depressing repeat of the one that has gone before – until a discovery in a remote spot of the English Channel changes everything.
It could be the best thing that has ever happened to them – or the worst?
Set in the fishing community of Weymouth, Pot Luck is a thriller with sinister twists and a raggedy mob of opportunists and bottom-feeders, drowning in an ocean of bad blood.

Company profile
Anne Brogan and Melanie Stokes founded Kindle Entertainment in 2007. In just over eleven years, Kindle Entertainment has established a reputation in the market place for fresh, innovative drama. Three times BAFTA-winning, Kindle’s portfolio spans family, kids, primetime and young adult. 2018 has been an exciting year with The A List, a supernatural thriller and BBC’s first teen commissions currently available on iPlayer and Kiss Me First, a cyber-thriller for Channel 4 and Netflix, and in post, family feature, Four Kids & It, starring Michael Caine, Russell Brand and Matthew Goode.





Snow Angels
Happy Ending Film
Genre/format: Crime drama, (6×58’)
Creators: Mette Heeno, Mie Andreasen
Partners: SVT (Sveriges Television AB)
Production stage: Pilot episode and storylines for ep 2-6 are written. Shooting fall/winter 2019
Shooting locations/languages: Sweden, Denmark/Swedish, Danish
Budget: €6 450 000/€1 075 000 per ep
Financing: €3 225 000 (50 %)
Looking for: We are looking for a Swedish co-producer and international sales agent. We are also looking for European broadcasters and distributors as well as worldwide.
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Mette Heeno, writer, Happy Ending Film
Mie Andreasen, producer, Happy Ending Film

Snow angels is a character driven crime drama mini series, that centers around the disappearance of Lukas, a five-week-old infant, and the investigation that follows when he is found frozen to death in his stroller at the cemetery. Who left him there? And why? The story is set in Stockholm during a cold and snowy winter and it primarily focuses on the 3 female characters that are all involved in or connected to the death of Lukas.
The series will be told both backwards and forwards with the disappearance of Lukas as a starting point, the discovery of his dead body at the end of episode 4 and the revelation of the killer in episode 5. This unique structure allows us to give the characters a past, a present and a future – and explore the guilt, shifting morality and darkness in all of them.

Company profile
Happy Ending Film is a scriptwriter-based company developing and producing features and TV-series. Founded in 2012 by screenwriter Mette Heeno and producer Mie Andreasen. Their first feature film” All Inclusive” became a blockbuster, seen by 10 % of the Danish population and gained outstanding critiques. In 2016 “Splitting Up Together” premiered at the Berlinale Special Series and has since been sold to numerous countries and remakes worldwide. ABC renewed the American remake, which is produced by Ellen DeGeneres’ production company A Very Good Production for Warner. 13 new episodes are airing this fall. Mette and Mie’s next film “Happy Ending” will premiere this December; they are presently working on the TV-series “Snow Angles” for SVT.





Emerald Eye
Clipper Media Capital
Genre/format: Espionage/thriller (10×60’)
Creators: Tom Williams, based on the novels by Sam Eastland
Partners: Talking Wall Pictures, Mango Productions
Production stage: Development
Shooting locations/languages: Budapest, Helsinki, Moscow/English
Budget: £27 000 000/£2 700 000 per ep
Financing: Partly financed development
Looking for: In conjunction with broadcasting attachments already in place, who will partially finance development and production, we are looking to partner with a studio, distributor, or streaming platform that will help facilitate an English language international co-production.
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Michael Nakan, producer, Clipper Media Capital
John David Coles, director, Talking Wall Pictures

EMERALD EYE is a serialized thriller based on the international best-selling Pekkala book series by Sam Eastland. The story is told through the eyes of the enigmatic Arno Pekkala, once the most trusted enforcer and loyal confidant of the Tsar, as he navigates an extraordinary moment in history that shook the world and birthed the bloodiest of centuries: the collapse of Tsarist Russia and the rise of the Soviet regime. The story unfolds in dual timeframes. In 1916, we follow Pekkala as he goes undercover in a terrorist cell in an attempt to subvert the growing revolution from within. Moving from the unimaginable luxury of the Winter Palace to dark, fervent streets humming with talk of revolution, Pekkala is forced to confront the inequities and suffering of a world divided. Seven years later, we see Pekkala’s emaciated form emerge from the Gulag as he is dispatched by the new regime to hunt down the last Romanov. In an epic journey across Russia, Pekkala grapples with his own true loyalties and the shattered ethics of a shifting landscape. Soon our audience will come to the realization that Pekkala’s world is terrifyingly similar to our own.

Company Profiles
Talking Wall Pictures is a film and television development company based in New York and founded by the Emmy Nominated Director John David Coles (House of Cards, Homeland, Sex and the City).
Mango Productions is a New York based co-venture between Academy Award Nominated Producer Kit Golden (Chocolat, Angela’s Ashes) and Producer Thomas Mangan (Long Strange Trip, Tumbleweeds).
Clipper Media Capital is a London based film and television development and finance company focused on the ​​British and International marketplace.





Both Worlds
Genre/format: Spy thriller (10×48’)
Creators: Shawn Slovo, Karen Jeynes, Paul Viragh, Thierry Cassuto
Partners: Both Worlds Pictures, DTI, IDC, DeMensen, Malberg Pictures
Production stage: Principal photography planned for the end 2019
Shooting locations/languages: South Africa, Mozambique, Belgium, France, Germany/English (and various local)
Budget: €13 000 000/€1 300 000 per ep
Financing: €7 522 545 (58%)
Looking for: We are looking for pre-sales, mainly from European countries that are related to the series’ principal storylines, locations and characters (Germany, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, France).
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Thierry Cassuto, producer, Both Worlds
Rémy Jacquelin, co-producer, Both Worlds France

When terrorists pull off an audacious heist at one of the world’s largest stores of highly enriched uranium, and a representative of the International Atomic Energy Agency is brutally murdered, the world’s eyes are turned to Southern Africa and the threat of a dirty bomb. Mike Ndlovu, an ex ANC secret operative, turned jazz teacher, and Emma Fischer, a scientist working for an international disarmament NGO, are the best hope for solving the murder, and recovering the stolen uranium – and a forgotten nuclear warhead.
Unarmed reveals what happens when South Africa finally agrees to hand over its weapon-grade uranium stores, a legacy from the atomic bombs the apartheid regime made in defiance of UN sanctions, and thirty years of secrets get revealed.

Company profile
Both Worlds is a multiple International Emmy and South African Film and Television award winning production company, headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 1998 by former M6 and Hanna-Barbera exec Thierry Cassuto, Both Worlds has gone on to develop a reputation for excellence, and has created hundreds of hours of film, television, corporate and online content for South African and international distribution. The company recently launched a scripted division that focuses on high-end coproductions such as spy thriller Unarmed, murder mystery Recipes for Love and Murder, and African steampunk western The Hole.

The following seven projects made the longlist and will all be in attendance at Content London to discuss their projects further.

506 Grams Of Ural
Aito Media
Genre/format: Drama (8×60’)
Creators: Melli Maikkula, John Lundsten
Partners: YLE, PVN12 (SVT, NRK, DR, RUV), Nordisk Film & TV Fund, Lagardère Studios
Production stage: planned shooting in fall 2020
Shooting locations/languages: Finland, Russia/Finnish, English, Russian
Budget: €4 800 000/€600 000 per ep
Financing: €3 620 000 (75 %)
Looking for: 506 Grams of Ural will take the viewer through whole Russia. The Russian drug trafficking network we portray is interconnected with criminals from many nationalities, which allows the cast of the series be truly international. We’ve now secured the Finnish funding and are looking for funding and possible co-production partners.
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Eero Hietala, co-CEO, founder & producer, Aito Media
Ilkka Hynninen co-CEO, founder & producer, Aito Media
Ella Piesala, director, drama, Aito Media

‘506 Grams of Ural’ takes you on a trip across Russia where no one is lying because the facts don’t exist.
A new strain of designer drug has emerged in Russia and has taken many European countries like a storm. An unassuming Finnish Police Officer Tuomo Marttinen gets a request to interrogate Andrey Kiuru, a detained capo of a Russian drug gang, who promises to expose the ring in exchange for his freedom.
Andrey reveals to Tuomo that he has information about Tuomo’s son, who disappeared 10 years ago in Russia. Andrey believes Tuomo’s son is still alive. If Tuomo agrees to accompany him to Russia, Andrey will reveal this information. Tuomo convinces his superior to green-light the mission, but doesn’t reveal his real reason for the trip. During the trip they are constantly under the surveillance of Russian secret service FSB and the liaison officer Irina Volkova. FSB has its own agenda why it allows the mission to take place.
The adventure leads Tuomo and Andrey to an incredible world where they end up dodging bazooka rockets, being chased by military helicopters, being led over the Caucasus mountains by drug-addict mules, and encounter real alligators in river Volga.

Company profile
We want to entertain with a purpose. Aito Media Group is one of the fastest growing Nordic production companies. Since 2003 Aito Media has created more than 50 series, documentaries and formats. Shows have been on air in more than 40 countries. Aito Media Group produces more than 200 hours of programming each year for different broadcasters. Aito Media is part of Lagardère Group, which distributes Aito Media formats and programs.

A Family Matter
Genre/format: Drama (8×60’)
Creators: Maja Jul Larsen, Pernille Fischer Christensen, Claudia Saginario
Partners: SVT, NRK, YLE, RUV
Production stage: Script development, casting, pre-conceptualizing. Shooting starts May 8th 2019
Shooting locations/languages: Denmark/Danish
Budget: €6,770.549/€846.318 per ep
Financing: €5,354 710 (79%)
Looking for: We’re looking for co-production/co-finance partners to complete the financing, preferably for the French and German territory. Also looking for additional presale partners for ROW.
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Claudia Saginario, producer, DR
Christian Rank, executive producer, DR
Sanne Arlø, DR Sales

14-year-old Holly’s family is torn apart by her brutally honest school essay detailing domestic violence. Seasoned social worker Lars is assigned to the case. Driven by a strong belief in the teenage girl’s story he succeeds with placing Holly and her little brother, 7-year-old Theo, in foster care. Lars sees his certainty unravel as central family members including Holly’s stepfather claim the essay to be a delusional lie spun from the emotional scars of a difficult divorce. Holly’s parents launch a legal attack on Lars and their own daughter. Meanwhile a video documenting a well-intentioned police procedure gone awry is shared on social media turning private misery into public outrage. Lars soon finds himself the hunted instead of the hunter. Scrambling to rebuild his case before the final court ruling – with or without the aid of a remorseful Holly – several central questions are left unanswered: Are children always to be trusted? How much can one family handle? And who is really telling the truth?

Company Profile
DR is an independent license fee financed public institution providing news, culture, education, music and entertainment via television, radio, online services, mobile platforms and live events.
DR Drama is best known for the internationally acclaimed drama series Borgen, The Bridge and The Killing. Several of the series are sold to more than 150 countries and remade in the US and several European countries. In 2016 DR was awarded an Honorary Emmy for its groundbreaking drama series.

REinvent Studios
Genre/format: Thriller/horror (8×60’)
Creators: Johan Storm, Amanda Leissner, Emilio de Stefano
Partners: Zentropa Sweden
Production stage: Financing stage, hope to shoot end of 2019
Shooting locations/languages: Sweden/Swedish
Budget: €4 000 000/€500 000 per ep
Financing: €400 000 (10%)
Looking for: We wish to find the right partners for AWAKE at C21. This being either a broadcaster or a platform or a constellation of both, – we are very open for new ways of collaboration.
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Rikke Ennis, CEO, REinvent
Helene Aurø, director of sales, REinvent
Isabelle Pechou, co-production manager, REinvent

Awake is an eight part TV-series in the thriller/horror genre, about A group of students take part in a medical study in which they are kept awake for 25 consecutive days and nights. They soon discover that messing with nature has a price.
What seems at first to be the ultimate solution for busy days with too few hours turns into a battle of life and death. The drug they are taking eliminates their need for sleep. Their dreams and nightmares however, slowly manifest in the real world.
As the series progresses, the group attempts to come together. They find that they need to neutralize the effects of the drug in order to fall asleep before their nightmares destroy them. How does insomnia affect the psyche? What cost are we willing to pay for increased effectivity? What happens to our bodies, to our minds? And above all, what becomes of our nightmares when we can´t sleep?

Company profile
REinvent Studios is a packaging, sales and finance studio all in one. We have an extensive knowledge of original trends and sales opportunities on both the Scandinavian and international market and work with the best of class European production companies. Reinvent represent titles / programmes from production companies in the industry and we have recently entered a strategic partnership with SF Studios, which produced some of the best Scandinavian TV-series.

Genre/format: Drama/thriller (8×45′)
Creators: Jesper Harrie, Maria Karlsson, Jonas Bonnier
Partners: FLX TV, TV4 /C More
Production stage: Planned shooting in October 2018
Shooting locations/languages : Sweden/Swedish
Budget: not submitted
Financing: not submitted
Looking for: European co-production partners
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Stephen Driscoll, EVP EMEA & European C-Productions, all3media international

Based on the book by award-winning investigative journalist Carolina Neurath, Blinded is a thriller inspired by real events, set in Stockholm’s financial quarter. The eight-part drama follows young journalist Bea Farkas as she reports on the nefarious dealings of ST Bank. This is an investigation that will put a lot of people at great risk, in a world where status is everything and nobody is blameless. Can she reveal the truth of the crimes being committed or will she be waylaid by deceit, murder and the subterfuge of her former lover, Peder, who just happens to be the bank’s CEO?

Company profile
FLX is a leading Swedish production company in scripted entertainment and creators of some of Scandinavia’s most valuable IP such as hit series Solsidan season 1-5 and Bonusfamiljen season 1-2. FLX has produced two of Sweden’s biggest franchises at the box office: Academy-Award nominated feature The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared sold by Studiocanal to over 60 countries, and it’s sequel, The 101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared, nominated to 8 Guldbagge Awards. FLX productions to premiere in 2017 include TV4 dramedy The Simple Heist sold internationally by FremantleMedia International, C More Original dramedy Torpederna season 2 sold internationally by FremantleMedia International and SVT nordic noir-comedy Fallet (The Case) sold internationally by Keshet International.

Lincoln TV
Genre/format: Fantasy thriller (6×52′)
Creators: Fanny Talmone
Partners: TBD
Production stage: Pilot script and arcs of season 1-2-3, planned shooting start in 2020
Shooting locations/languages: TBD
Budget: €6 000 000/€1 000 000 per ep
Financing: Producer’s input
Looking for: We believe that this fantasy thriller, Phenomena, created by the young and talented Fanny Talmone, has strong international appeal. The C21 is a unique opportunity for us to present this project ,we truly believe in, to as many potential partners (co-producers, broadcasters, distributors) as possible.
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Christine de Bourbon Busset, producer, Lincoln TV
Marc Missonnier, producer, Lincoln TV

We all believe in something, whether it is God, astrology or true love… But PHILIPPE (43) has no longer believed in anything at all ever since his eight-year-old daughter, ÉLÉONORE, disappeared mysteriously without a trace two years ago.
He is a wrecked man, sinking into depression. In an attempt to revive his career as a journalist, he sets off to investigate into a secluded community living on an isolated beach in the south of France. The leader of the community, a woman named AURORA, claims to have psychic powers such as telepathy, the ability to perform miracle healings, and to see into the future… Naturally, Philippe doesn’t believe in any of this. He thinks it’s a common sect and that he will be able to write an article for a scandal sheet.
But strange events start to occur… Events that will lead everyone to ask the same question: and what if it was true after all? Aurora is about to give Philippe renewed hope of finding his daughter.

Company profile
LINCOLN TV is a structure which is primarily devoted to TV shows. Series such as Pigalle, By Night (Canal+), Tony’s Revenge (France 2) and Beyond the Walls (Arte) have been indisputable critical successes (award-winners at numerous festivals: Monte-Carlo Festival, FIPA, Cristal Globe, Prix Italia, Festival Série Mania, etc). Beyond the Walls by Hervé Hadmar encountered great international success (AMC streaming site for ex). Our last series « Mental » (OCS) won the best 26’ series award at the La Rochelle TV Fiction festival last September 2018. Mirage (6×52’), an international drama set in Dubai, is in pre production for France 2 and ZDF, in coproduction with Cineflix and Wild Bunch Germany.

Screen Invaders
Genre/format: Crime/sci-fi (6×60’)
Creators: Joel Kohn
Partners: TBC
Production Stage: Early development
Shooting locations/languages: UK, Australia/English
Budget: TBC
Financing: local production rebate (20%)
Looking for: We are at the summit to promote our new slate of high-end digital and TV projects, and to connect and engage with new companies for the purpose of exploring potential partnership opportunities.
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Joel Kohn, producer, Screen Invaders

The Whitechapel murderer, also known as Jack the Ripper, stumbles upon a rip in time, bringing him into the modern day where he starts to kill again and is hunted by a young female detective.
After DI Victoria Guilford, a brilliant but damaged detective, is called in to investigate a series of grizzly murders, she quickly realises that a Jack the Ripper copycat killer is on the loose in London. But as the investigation continues, Victoria starts to suspect that this may in fact be the ‘real’ Ripper. She will eventually pursue the murderer back in time to 1888, where she teams up with the lead Inspector on the Whitechapel case, Olen Boroughs and tries to put an end to the Ripper’s reign of terror. But if she doesn’t catch the killer in time, Victoria may end up being his next victim.

Company profile
Screen Invaders is an exciting, new-wave production outfit, specialising in creating premium content for multiple platforms and working across a variety of genres/formats.

Shooting In All Directions
Quiddity Ltd.
Genre/format: Comedy/drama (8×30’)
Creators: Yaelle Kayam
Partners: TBD
Production stage: Treatment of episode 1 and season arc ready, shoot planned for March 2020
Shooting locations/languages: Hebron, Israel/English, Arabic, Hebrew
Budget: €2 800 000/€350 000 per ep
Financing: None
Looking for: We’re looking for broadcasters for investment in development or sales agents.
Delegates present:
Contact through My Content London
Keren Misgav, producer, Quiddity Ltd.

Flick (33), originally from Bristol, is a “born veterinarian” who has decided to leave everything behind and travel to Israel for love. She goes to live with her beloved in Jerusalem and she quickly finds a job at local animal clinic. She is super happy but soon discovers that a new directive from the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection, instructs vets to put down stray dogs which scare the area’s Jewish residents. She looks into the eyes of the stray dogs at the clinic and refuses to accept this evil decree. When she discovers that in Palestinian Authority areas there is no policy concerning dogs, she tries to smuggle the dogs there and give them one last chance. The stray dogs are the only ones who do not pay attention to the borders, which divide between the various groups of people living in the West Bank. On her campaign to save them, Flick finds herself wandering like them between the different groups and collaborates with soldiers, Palestinians, Jewish settlers – With anyone who can help the dogs. Or as Flick dramatically says when she tries to recruit people to help the dogs: “It’s a matter of life or death.”

Company profile
A content company that specializes in high quality tv series aiming to combine writers from all over the world together with local co-writer and director in order to produce drama series and mini-series for European broadcasters and networks (each in its own language). Eilon Ratzkovsky, Quiddity’s CEO, produced feature films and TV series over the past 25 years. Among the 22 films that he produced are “The Band’s Visit”, “Mountain”, “Zero Motivation” – all of which participated and won prizes in major film festivals. He produced numerous TV series in Israel some have been remade into local versions around the world.