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Uptake of AI in entertainment industry ‘stalling because of focus on AI-generated content’

Tim Levy, CEO of media tech start-up Twyn, has warned that uptake of artificial intelligence (AI) in the media and entertainment sectors is at risk of stalling because of an “obsession” with the use of tools such as Chat GPT to generate content.

Tim Levy

Levy said generative AI (Gen AI) tools like Chat GPT are giving AI a reputation as a tool for talent replacement and the ensuing unreliability, inauthenticity, and ethical questions have made the media and entertainment industry fearful of any use of the technology.

The industry must differentiate between machine-based content generation and other uses of generative AI, such as the enhancement of human-made content, to realise AI’s full potential to deliver value to brands, entertainment talent and consumers, Levy believes.

Levy is concerned top talent and their representatives could “throw out the baby with the bath water when it comes to Gen AI” over concerns around reputational damage.

Levy said: “The growing reputation of Gen AI as a tool for human replacement has given the impression that it could undermine creativity and talent in the entertainment industry. This culminated recently in the Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strike, which saw a push for clearer guardrails around the use of Gen AI in the industry to protect roles.

“There are also increasing concerns about the unreliable and uncontrolled nature of Gen AI, which could open up talented industry names to reputational risks if, for example, an AI-generated avatar of themselves was seen to plagiarise content or say something undesirable.

“So much of the conversation around Gen AI has been dominated by its ability to generate machine-based content that too many people now fail to look beyond this to the other uses and potential benefits of Gen AI. This has put up a barrier to the deployment of Gen AI-enabled content in the entertainment industry, as talent and industry executives are fearful of any association with the AI label and often unaware of its wider uses.”

Founded in 2018, Twyn allows users to have real-time AI-enabled video conversations with other people, including celebrities, and has partnered with the likes of illusionist Derren Brown, surfer Jamie O’Brien and football star Lionel Messi.

It is led by Levy, founder and former CEO of Future Capital Partners, who has previously helped finance the production and distribution of blockbusters such as Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3, Jurassic World, Iron Man 2 and The Bourne Ultimatum.

Levy added: “I firmly believe that AI-enabled storytelling and information sharing will be the next big trend in the entertainment industry – not machine-generated content. It has the potential to create unique, scalable experiences that connect fans across the globe with their favourite brands and celebrities, while leaving control of the content in the hands of the brands and the celebrities.

“But the near-exclusive focus on Gen AI content creation and its nefarious use is a barrier to this innovation, and we need to start differentiating between different uses of Gen AI if we are to unleash the technology’s full potential to create value in the entertainment industry.”

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