28-30 NOVEMBER 2023

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CONTENT TRENDS: Beyond the writers strike – what happens next?

Date: Wednesday 29 November
Start time: 11.10am |
Venue: Hall 3,
Kings Place
As the Writers Guild of America strike puts renewed focus on the long-standing tradition of writers rooms behind the majority of US scripted series, we discuss to what extent this method of storytelling has crossed the Atlantic and how it has been adopted, successfully or otherwise.

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Speaking in this session

Jeff Melvoin

Jeff Melvoin

Showrunner, author and teacher
Wildwood Overseas, Inc.
Anna Winger

Anna Winger

Writer, producer and founder
Airlift Productions
Suzie Miller

Suzie Miller

Screenwriter and playwright
Australian Writers' Guild
Moderator Michael Pickard

Moderator Michael Pickard

Editor, Drama Quarterly
C21 Media