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Tencent Video


Tencent Video

Company overview

Tencent Video is the leading online video streaming platform in China. With an extensive content library of drama series, films, variety, shows, animation, sports, documentaries, news and many more, Tencent Video provides the best entertainment experience to audiences across different platforms and devices.

Tencent Video produces high-quality kids' originals with enduring and engaging appeal. It partners with leading studios in China and have recently expanded its global presence by signing a number of high-profile co-production deals with prominent European animation studios to create stand-out shows with universal appeal.

Programming Profile

Tencent Video brings original content, coproductions to global market


Selina She, director of children’s IP development and programming at Tencent Video, outlines the Chinese streamer’s global expansion strategy and the fruits of its international coproduction plan, as part of its content showcase on C21’s Digital Screenings this week.


Chinese streamer Tencent Video has been making plenty of international moves in recent months, particularly in the children’s content sector. The company has been busy securing international sales for its homegrown animated content, for example, with shows such as Monsters in the Forbidden City, Kung-Fu Wa, Super BOOMi and Pet Hotel selling into new markets.


Furthermore, it is increasing its global footprint by forging coproduction deals with studios in Europe and elsewhere in Asia. It has a coproduction deal in place with Luxembourg-based Zeilt Productions for a show called Deep in the Bowl, a 52×5’ series aimed at eight- to 12-year-olds inspired by French comic book Le Fond du Bocal, by Nicolas Poupon.


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