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Director: Nara Yu, DaHye Kim, Yan Cui

Producer: Tencent Video, Live Fun, CampfireAniworks

Executive Producer: YongKeun Na

Writer: CampfireAniwork

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Children

11 mins

Deep in the sea where mermaids live, the Merqueen created magical Bubblegems to protect the undersea kingdoms from evil forces. Now it’s time to find her successor, and whichever princess can gather the Bubblegems will be the new queen. But the Bubblegems are scattered on the land, hidden in secret volcanos, so the seven mermaid princesses must emerge from the sea and go to human school while they search for the precious jewels. But someone else is after the Bubblegems – the wicked witch Black Dia, who is tired of her exile in the dark deep sea and wants to seize control of the sea world for herself. Will her black magic prove too powerful for the young mermaid princesses, or can they work together to collect all the Bubblegems and save the undersea kingdom?

Raised as princesses and growing up alone in their respective kingdoms, at first the mermaids find it hard to make friends and understand other people’s point of view. Through their struggles to adapt to school life and form new relationships, the series teaches children about friendship, co-operation with others and how working as a team can help you succeed.