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Mediatoon - Digital Screenings Campaign - June 2023


Mediatoon Distribution

Company overview

Markets high-quality animated series around the world, for all types of media: TV, DVD, VOD, Mobile, IPTV.

Programming Profile

Mediatoon’s Alby gets animated about global demand for French toons


Jerome Alby, CEO at Media Participations-owned French animation distributor Mediatoon, gives his view on market trends, his expansion plans and what the company has in store for its trip to the Annecy International Animation Film Festival this month.


How has demand for animation changed in recent years?
We are witnessing a growing demand for animated original creations as well as content based on long-standing IPs. Since we can offer both, this has created several business opportunities here at Mediatoon. In addition, we are seeing a greater interest in shorter and vertical formats.


Where is demand for French animation the highest?
For either economic reasons or geographical proximity, in certain territories there is certainly a stronger tradition of coproducing and acquiring French animation, such as in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada. And yet we are very happy with the good reception of our shows in the rest of the world, as French animation is an outstanding alternative to that offered by North American and Asian studios.



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Jérôme Alby Managing Director
Mediatoon Distribution

Alexandre Neck Digital Media Manager
Mediatoon Distribution

Franklin Cadre Sales & Business Affairs Executive
Mediatoon Distribution

Solène Crépin Sales & Business Affairs Executive
Mediatoon Distribution