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Director: Tanguy de Kermel

Producer: Folivari - Bayard Animation

Writer: Serge Bloch and Jean Regnaud

Cast: Emmylou Homs; Isaac Lobé-Level; Max Brunner; Anouk Petitgirard; Hanaé Gand; Sasha Gauzeran; Jérémy Prevost; Lerouge Laurent Maurel; Philippe Spiteri; Damien Boisseau; Sébastien Desjours; Xavier Fagnon; Marie-Eugénie Marechal; Anouk Petitgirard; Magali Rosenzweig

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Kids


Six-year-old superhero, SamSam, lives on Planet Sam.
When he’s not at school, he spends his days exploring the galaxy with his friends and defeating not-so-clever villains.
Despite his superpowers, SamSam is just like any other kid experiencing the greatest adventure of all: growing up!