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Theme Festival - Factual Entertainment

About this Festival

We take a close look at the best factual entertainment shows from around the world that can be added to schedules to build audiences.

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The changing face of fact ent


With the pandemic and Black Lives Matters movement pulling blue-light factual entertainment programming in opposite directions, how do you make medical shows cut through a torrent of competition, and what will replace potentially toxic cop shows? Clive Whittingham reports.


Criminal Minds showrunner Simon Mirren recently told C21 the Black Lives Matters movement and controversy around alleged police brutality in the US had changed the demand for cop shows almost overnight.


From a staple of broadcast, cable and streamer line-ups Mirren said police-focused shows were now somewhat toxic. “What’s happening here now, because of Covid-19 and Black Lives Matters, is when you’re pitching a cop show like Criminal Minds they just don’t want to hear it because they don’t believe the youth want to hear anything to do with cops.


“It’s interesting because some of the biggest shows of the last 20, 30 or 40 years on TV anywhere in any country have been cop shows. There’s a feeling now they don’t want them. There’s a moratorium – no cop shows.”