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Director: Éric Blouin, Rock Laflamme

Producer: Ivan Lamontagne, Richard Samson

Executive Producer: Richard Samson

Writer: Éric Blouin, Rock Laflamme

Genres: Documentary, Factual

Demographics: 18-30, 30-50

Transmission Impossible

Sphere Media
40 x 30 min

One thing for sure, Americans and Canadians have a thing for speed.

Just as loud and fast as the cars it features, TRANSMISSION IMPOSSIBLE is a full throttled doc series that celebrates how the muscle car changed American culture and became of part of a country’s ideology.

TRANSMISSION IMPOSSIBLE is a factual doc series about rescuing America’s greatest rides from barns and Canadians backyards; muscle cars lost in time. Theses salvaging operations will bring us inside the daily adventure of three muscle car garages hell bent on rescuing, resurrecting and restoring America’s greatest rides.

This series will bring the viewers in the heart of American cars culture as they meet eccentric characters devoted to restoring their classic muscle cars at any price.

From barnyards and backyards, auctions and collections, the series puts the viewers in the passenger seat on a super-charged cross-country road trip down memory lane. Along the way, we’ll meet the diehard hot-rodders of the muscle car culture, the men - and a few women - who’ll stop at nothing to get their dream machines on the road.

This series is actually the No1 doc series on Historia (Quebec, Canada).

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