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Producer: Raise the Roof and Motion Content Group

Genres: Factual

Twice The Life for Half The Price

Passion Distribution
Season 2 - 8 x 60' + 4 x 60' revisits

In this Inspirational series, presenter and country girl Kate Humble joins a family who are looking to change their lives in a big way. They’re all desperate to leave the rat race behind and radically transform their quality of life.

Whether that is getting a house by the sea, or a cottage in a beautiful country village; can they sell off their cramped city pad or expensive suburban semi, pay off their mortgage and clear their debts?

It’s not just about the money though – it’s about lifestyle. More time with the family, reading the kids their bedtime stories and having the space, and time, to do the things they love. This show is all about the people who want to work to live - rather than live to work.

Kate made the move herself a few years ago from central London to a farm in the Welsh countryside, so she’s well placed to offer advice and tips on how they can achieve their goal and join them as they settle into their new way of life.

At the end of three months, Kate will find out if risking it all has paid off and if each family is happy that they made the move. Whether they’re moving from Tooting to the Isle of Skye or Birmingham to St Ives, they’re all looking to get Twice The Life for Half the Price.

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