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Aetios Productions

Company Overview

Aetios Productions

Aetios Productions, founded in 1999 by Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau, is a Montreal-based company, specializing in the production and distribution of original creations for television and films. TV series, films and documentaries produced by Aetios stand out for their high production value and inventiveness.

The many awards and industry nods received by Aetios, both in Canada and abroad, attest to their quality including Producer of the Year 2019 by the Quebec Media Producers Association (AQPM).

Aetios is an ancient Greek word meaning “author” and true to its name, the company places special emphasis on the involvement of writers and creators in the production of its work.

The serial drama Virginie (1996–2010), Ms. Larouche’s magnum opus, was on the air for 15 years and stands as one of the highest-rated and longest-running programs in Quebec television history.

The telenovela 30 Lives (2011-2016) was nominated 4 times at the Banff World Media Festival in Soap Operas and Telenovelas category, and received 4 nominations at the International Emmy Awards; sharing the spotlight with some of the best TV programs in the world. The series was adapted by Globo TV as Malhação: Vidas Brasileiras and received numerous nominations as Best Scripted Format at the 2019 C21 International Format Awards, Best Kids Series at the 2019 International Emmy Kids Awards and won Best Script in Telenovelas at the ABRA Awards (Brazilian Association of Screenwriters).

Our catalogue is filled with successful series:
- Unit 9: 7 seasons, 42% market share, 19 Gemini Awards
- District 31: 4 seasons, 47% market share, 11 Gemini Awards
- Ruptures: 5 seasons, 25% market share, 18 Gemini Nominations
- Fortier: 5 seasons, 54% market share, 2 Gemini Awards
- Trauma: 5 seasons, 29% market share
- And many others: Blue Moon, My Body and Them, Clash, etc.


Address: PO Box 187 Station C
H2L 4K1
Phone: 1 514 985 4477
E-mail: [email protected]


Kathleen Prefontaine

Director, Distribution & Development
Aetios Productions
[email protected]