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Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC)

Company overview

The Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC) is a government corporation overseen by the Québec’s Minister of Culture and Communication. SODEC is mandated to promote and support the development Québec’s cultural industry at home and abroad. The corporation is instrumental in making businesses more competitive by fostering the production, the export and distribution of their works.

Programming Profile

SODEC mixes cultures to reach success

In the first of our multi-company C21 Digital Screenings, presented under the umbrella of Quebec cultural agency SODEC, we take a look at programming from six French-Canadian companies to see how they punch above their weight on the international market by combining American and European styles.


The production industry in the Canadian province of Quebec has achieved international success with many of its shows. Recent examples include Montreal-based Productions Casablanca’s drama series Happily Married, presented at Berlinale 2020 and acquired by the French SVoD platform Salto, and Datsit-Sphère’s medical comedy Transplant, which was recently sold to NBC in the US.


Those two production companies, as well as fellow Quebec companies Encore TV (Boomerang, For Sarah), HGagnon Distribution, KOTV (Plan B) and Pixcom (Victor Lessard, La Faille) are part of Quebecois culture-focused government agency SODEC’s presence on C21’s Digital Screenings this week, showcasing their wares to the world to continue the roll-out of French-Canadian content worldwide.



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