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Aetios Productions


Aetios Productions

Company overview

Aetios Productions, founded in 1999 by Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau, is a Montreal-based company, specializing in the production and distribution of original creations for television and films. TV series, films and documentaries produced by Aetios stand out for their high production value and inventiveness.

The many awards and industry nods received by Aetios, both in Canada and abroad, attest to their quality including Producer of the Year 2019 by the Quebec Media Producers Association (AQPM). READ MORE

Programming Profile

Aetios eyes coproductions, English-language content for 2022


Kathleen Préfontaine, director of distribution and development at Montreal-based Aetios Productions, outlines how the company has adapted to the changing marketplace and its expansion plans for next year.


How has Aetios Productions’ content strategy changed after the events of the past 18 months?
During the main phase of the pandemic, our principal focus was to provide as much content as possible to allow the audience to escape from the lockdown. We also decided that in all our productions, the pandemic would not exist or be referenced. No masks are seen, and the dialogue doesn’t mention the pandemic. It’s a strategy we think has worked for us as all our shows produced during the last year or so have been extremely successful with audiences. Of course, we adapted our production and storylines to comply with the new sanitary measures. The first weeks were a challenge for the production team, but they adapted quickly to the new way of working and we were able to produce 82 hours of content in 2020.



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Kathleen Prefontaine Director, Distribution & Development
Aetios Productions

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