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  • PBS readies ‘shadow schedule’ (Published in News) 20-03-2020
    US public broadcaster PBS has told the C21Podcast it’s drawing up a ‘shadow schedule’ and looking to digital and international partners to prepare for changes in its programme supply chain as a result of the coronavirus.
  • Repeat problems (Published in Perspective) 19-03-2020
    That Netflix is already reminding users to re-watch shows is indicative of the extent to which coronavirus is set to impact the business, writes editor Jonathan Webdale.
  • EPC: 600,000 freelancers out of work (Published in News) 19-03-2020
    More than half a million freelancers working in the film and TV industries are already out of work across Europe as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, according to the European Producers Club.
  • New terms of trade (Published in Countryfile) 12-02-2020
    UK content has always been in demand overseas but with the influence of US streamers growing and Brexit here, is its place on the global stage changing?
  • The Baby Yoda bump (Published in Features) 16-01-2020
    The success of Star Wars series The Mandalorian has helped propel Disney+ to unprecedented levels of popularity within the galaxy of mobile apps.
  • TV’s next level (Published in News) 31-12-2019
    The shift from linear to on-demand has defined the TV drama business in the past decade, and the one to come promises further transformation.
  • More, more, more (Published in News) 02-12-2019
    Ahead of C21’s International Drama Summit 2019, we surveyed the industry on the critical issues of the day and asked delegates to name the show they covet most.
  • Final frontier (Published in News Analysis) 28-11-2019
    Disney+ is attracting plenty of interest since launch and while the jury is out on first-to-market Apple TV+, the company has plenty of space to explore.
  • Feast or famine (Published in News) 28-11-2019
    Apple TV+ and Disney+ have landed but not all analysts are convinced they, HBO Max or others, can dethrone the market leader.
  • Pluto TV enters orbit (Published in News) 18-11-2019
    Pluto TV, which set out to distinguish itself among streamers via an ad-supported linear model, is now supercharged after being bought out by Viacom.
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