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TV3 Televisió de Catalunya

Company overview

TV3-Televisió de Catalunya inspires dreams and reflects realities, connecting with viewers and meeting their highest expectations. The generalist public TV broadcaster is the most viewed free tv in Catalonia. A power house in production and connecting the audiovisual industry. TV3 produces fiction programs with a fresh approach and imaginative proposals. Documentaries stand out because of their depth, choice of subject matter, and careful research. TV3 is the main driving force behind Catalonia's audiovisual industry. In 2022 it produced or co-produced more than fifty new productions.

Company contact

Address: Carrer Oriol Martorell, nº 1
Phone: +34 93 4999333
E-mail: [email protected]

Programming Profile

TV3: Heartbeat-driven Co-productions


Pio Vernis, Audiovisual Business Director, Tv3 Televisió De Catalunya


The mission of TV3, Catalonia’s public service broadcaster, has always transcended traditional broadcasting to elevate the cultural experience of local viewers. Now, 40 years after its creation, the company aims to increase the number of international content ventures and defines coproduction not just as a strategic element, but as “the heartbeat that drives our aspiration to craft premier content”.


What are the main programming genres TV3 focuses on and why?

In terms of global markets, TV3 places special emphasis on fiction and documentary programs. Within the subgenres of fiction, thrillers and comedies have brought us great joy recently. In documentaries, true-crime, investigative and factual have also reached great local and international recognition.