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Jetpack Distribution


Jetpack Distribution

Company overview

Blasting the very best kids’ content across the planet! At Jetpack, we find homes for high quality and enduringly appealing kids TV shows worldwide. We work directly with producers, creators, broadcasters and video-on-demand platforms to deliver great value and experiences.

We are delighted to have grown our catalogue a massive 40 per cent year on year and are now working with 33 producers and a burgeoning library of 1400 half hours of fantastic character driven shows featuring timeless themes for all ages. READ MORE

Programming Profile

Jetpack plays for laughs


Jetpack Distribution’s slate reflects industry trends ranging from smart comedy to fresh content mined from publishing brands. Here, the UK-based company’s CEO Dominic Gardiner talks through his C21 Digital Screenings playlist.


In the seven years since it was founded, UK-based Jetpack Distribution has acquired a library of content designed to uplift and inspire kids and their families. The need to raise spirits, according to the boutique distributor’s CEO Dominic Gardiner, has never been more important after the world was upended by the coronavirus pandemic last year.


It’s for this reason that Jetpack’s current slate leans heavily on comedy, although Gardiner says no genre is off limits for the company, with a diverse and broad set of shows that appeal to children and their parents being the main aim of the playlist.


One trend Gardiner has noticed emerging is an appetite for “smart comedy” among children aged over six. “With younger ages, you can get away with the classic pie-in-the-face slapstick comedy. But older children expect intelligent comedy with smart and well-paced dialogue,” he explains.



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