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Director: Steven de Jong

Producer: Steven de Jong Producties: Steven de Jong

Executive Producer: Iselmar Producties: Marloes Lubbers

Writer: Steven de Jong, Dick van den Heuvel

Cast: Sens Gerritsen, Imme Gerritsen, Lieke van den Akker, Meriyem Manders, Cas Jansen, Vincent Visser, Michiel Kerbosch, Margreet Blanken, Nando Liebregts, Dominique van Vliet, Dominique van Vliet, Steven de Jong, William Spaaij

Genres: Kids

Demographics: Children, Family, Teen


This time it looks like it is the end of the road for the twins, when the navigation authority decides that the Kameleon (Chameleon) will have to be chained up and taken out of service. Sadly, their beautiful, superfast boat runs on diesel, and that is no longer allowed. At the same time, a large number of dead animals are found near the village of Lenten. A boy with special needs, Nando, claims he did it. Hielke and Sietse don’t believe this for a minute… They team up with punker Josie to find the real criminals.