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Director: Goran Gajic

Producer: Bojan Maljevic, Bojana Maljevic

Executive Producer: Bojana Maljevic, Bojan Maljevic

Writer: Heidi Baletic, Bojana Maljevic, Goran Gajic, Bojan Maljevic

Cast: Dragan Micanovic, Ana Lecic, Branimir Popovic, Sergej Trifunovic, Leon Lucev, Bojana Maljevic

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 18-30, 30-50, 50+

Debt to the Sea

GoQuest Media

In a beautiful Montenegro coastal village lives Perisa, the owner of a restaurant who has a very tumultuous past. His wife, Svetlana, disappeared under mysterious circumstances and he is single-handedly raising their rebellious teenage daughter, Olga. She is obsessed with what happened to her mother and is also in love with her childhood sweetheart Rnjo. Rnjo is an outsider, raised by his grandmother, after his mother tragically hung herself.

Perisa is totally against their relationship and to add to his problems, his nemesis Milutin is demanding that he pay back the debt he owes, before the due date. Milutin is a monster; in his youth he crippled Olga's other childhood friend Zejo, who has never recovered from the attack.

Against this backdrop, strangers start to arrive in the village. Archaeologists are exploring forgotten excavations on the peninsula and a traumatized stranger, Djordje, brings an unsettling wooden box that belonged to Svetlana. The villagers are suddenly made to face their tragic pasts and uncertain futures. Are the legends of the sea taking human offerings and ancient stones holding magic powers to blame for the series of tragic events or are there darker human secrets that are the key to the villagers’ redemption?

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