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Nick takes more Burka Avenger

Nickelodeon in Pakistan has acquired the second season of Burka Avenger, the locally produced kids’ cartoon about a masked female schoolteacher who fights oppression.

The series (26×22′) is one of the first animated productions to be made wholly in Pakistan and comes from Islamabad-based production firm Unicorn Black, which was set up by international pop star Aaron Haroon Rashid.

Burka Avenger first began airing in Pakistan on the Geo TV network in the summer of 2013 and quickly gained media attention worldwide for its portrayal of a schoolteacher who wears a burka to hide her identity while fighting evil.

Haroon created the series as a way to emphasise the importance of girls’ education in Pakistan and abroad, as well as issues such as equality and discrimination. It was commissioned for a second season following the success of the first on Geo TV.

The toon has since gone on to win numerous prizes internationally, including the award for best TV show at the Asian Media Awards in Manchester, UK, last year.


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