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More Thai remakes of CJ dramas announced under True CJ Creations alliance

The Thai adaptation of CJ detective drama Bad Guys

BCWW: A slew of South Korean dramas, including Familiar Wife, Emergency Couple and Signal, are being remade in Thailand under an agreement between Seoul-based CJ ENM and Thai pay TV company TrueVisions.

The two companies have a long-standing joint venture called True CJ Creations, through which several of CJ’s Korean dramas have already been adapted for the Thai audience on various platforms within the TrueVisions portfolio.

The fruitful alliance is continuing with upcoming adaptations of four series from CJ’s TVN channel: high school drama Black Dog: Being a Teacher (16×60’), romance Start-Up (16×60’), fantasy romance Familiar Wife (16×60’) and romcom Emergency Couple (21×60’).

All four series will be remade for Thailand and aired on TrueVisions’ OTT service True ID, pay TV channel TrueVisions and DTT channel True4U between 2023 and 2025, CJ announced on the final day of the BCWW conference here in Seoul.

Furthermore, in November, the Thai adaptation of another CJ drama Signal, to be titled 23:23, will launch on the same combination of OTT, pay TV and DTT platforms. The 16×60’ Korean original debuted on CJ-owned channel TVN in 2016 and follows a detective from the 1990s who communicates with a cop from today via an old walkie-talkie.

More immediately, CJ drama Bad Guys is the latest to be adapted under the True CJ Creations partnership and is debuting on the same TrueVisions platforms today. The 11×60’ Korean original aired on CJ-owned OCN in 2014 and follows a detective who teams up with jailed criminals to catch a serial killer.

Previous CJ dramas to have been adapted for the Thai market under the True CJ Creations partnership include Oh My Ghost, Tunnel, Another Miss Oh and Voice. The company also sold several of its Thai remakes of CJ dramas to Netflix, including Let’s Eat, Let’s Fight Ghost (based on CJ’s Bring It On Ghost), Sing Again and Bad Guys.

“It is so exciting to see many stories from CJ ENM travelling to Thailand. It shows the power of our well-made scripts, proving the fact that our scripted formats resonate with local viewers around the world,” said Sebastian Kim, director of content sales at CJ ENM.

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