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  • Reality reborn (Published in Features) 21-10-2019
    As well as the SVoD factor, there are plenty of other indications to suggest the long-awaited and much-needed revival of reality television has begun.
  • Dramatic days (Published in Features) 18-10-2019
    C21 editorial director Ed Waller picks out some of the trends and issues in the drama sector that emerged in Cannes this week.
  • FTD unveils drama copro Laetitia (Published in News) 14-10-2019
    MIPCOM: Broadcasters in France and Belgium have teamed up to dramatise the real-life murder of a young girl on the west coast of France in 2011.
  • UK, US deals for Nordic drama Twin (Published in News) 14-10-2019
    MIPCOM: Broadcasters in the UK, the US, Poland and Slovenia have pre-bought Norwegian drama series Twin in deals with sales agent TrustNordisk.
  • Rive Gauche collars Dog Whisperer reboot (Published in News) 14-10-2019
    MIPCOM: Reality dog training series The Dog Whisperer is getting a reboot, thanks to a deal between Rive Gauche Television and Dog Whisperer Productions.
  • India’s Brio eyes North American expansion (Published in News) 13-10-2019
    MIPJUNIOR: Indian animation company Brio Studio is planning to expand into North America with outposts planned in LA, Mexico and Canada.
  • Van den Bussche joins Eccholine (Published in News) 02-10-2019
    Format industry veteran Peter Van den Bussche has joined Eccholine, the international line-production company set up in 2011 by Peking Express creator Ludo Poppe, to head its UK expansion.
  • Mignonac returns to TV with new prodco (Published in News) 23-09-2019
    Julien Mignonac, co-founder and former exec producer at Red Earth Studio, has launched a new production company called Horizon Studios Entertainment.
  • KBS’s Doctor on call in Ukraine (Published in News) 18-09-2019
    KIEV MEDIA WEEK: Hit South Korean drama The Good Doctor is being adapted for the local audience in Ukraine, following previous remakes in the US, Turkey and Japan.
  • New season, new era (Published in Perspective) 16-09-2019
    The new television season that starts this month will be highly disruptive and perhaps the last one where old business practices remain.
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