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Mip Junior hot picks

Ahead of Mip Junior, our latest Hot Properties Playlist gathers 21 shows worth screening in Cannes, ranging from a rebooted iconic 1990s series and characters based on emoticons to a story set in the ‘cutthroat world of single-cell organisms.’

The playlist is available to view through the C21Screenings portal and the C21Screen app or simply click on the clips below.

If you would like to submit a show for consideration in one of our upcoming C21 Hot Properties Playlists, email To view the latest programmes from more than 460 rights owners from all corners of the world, visit C21Screenings.

Jamilah_and_aladdinTitle: Jamillah & Aladdin
Producers: Kindle Entertainment, Toonz Entertainment, Mediabiz
Distributor: Imira Entertainment
They say: Promises to captivate children of all ages as it transports them to an ancient world filled with enchantment and adventure.
We say: Written by Kathy Waugh (Big & Small, Arthur) and exec produced by Anne Brogan (Teletubbies, My Parents Are Aliens), this live-action series retells the Arabian Nights story with a time-slip twist, and is a rare joint commission by CBeebies and CBBC.

The_mojiconsTitle: The Mojicons
Producer and distributor: Ink Global
They say: Reveals the behind-the-scenes world of the internet, populated by Mojicons – the innumerable emoticons that we routinely use in email and mobile messaging.
We say: One of several new toons turning internet ‘emoticons’ into TV characters, this show is from Russian creators Alexander Romanetz and Viacheslav Marchenko and is aimed at four- to 10-year-olds. It is due to appear in early 2016.

Pikaia!Title: Pikaia!
Producers: NHK Educational, OLM, Production IG
Distributor: NHK Enterprises
They say: A fun-to-learn science animation story with enticing animals set before humankind’s appearance on earth.
We say: From the production teams behind global hits Pokemon, Ghost in the Shell and Attack on Titan, this animé show focuses on education rather than action, and debuted on Japan’s NHK-owned E-Tele channel in April.

Teacup_TravelsTitle: Teacup Travels
Producer: Plum Films
Distributor: Raydar Media
They say: Centres on the relationship between two intelligent and inquisitive children and their captivating Great Aunt Lizzie.
We say: Teacups become devices for exploring history in this live-action series. The production team includes double Oscar winner Leslie Dilley (Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark) while Bafta winner Gemma Jones stars as Lizzie. The show made its debut on CBeebies earlier this year.

Llama_LlamaTitle: Llama Llama
Producer and distributor: Genius Brands International
They say: About a young child’s first steps, growing up and facing childhood milestones.
We say: Based on author and illustrator Anna Dewdney’s bestselling children’s book franchise, which has clocked up an impressive 9.4 million copies in print, this series should have immediate brand recognition. It is due to premiere in the fall next year.

Magic_MarlonTitle: Magic Marlon (52×7’)
Producer and distributor: CHF Entertainment
They say: Follows the adventures of Marlon as he learns the tricks of his dad’s trade, which is mending things… with magic.
We say: From the reborn UK animation studio behind classic UK programmes like Danger Mouse, The BFG and Count Duckula, and based on a concept from Bafta winner John Offord (Foxbusters), this cartoon is being produced by Helen Brown (Pip Ahoy!). 
It is due to debut on Channel 5 in its Milkshake! block in spring or summer 2016.

Flying_AnimalsTitle: Flying Animals (26×6’30”)
Producer: Da Animation Studio
Distributor: Media IM
They say: Each of the flying animals is a musician. Each of them came to the Light Country from different parts of the world, but they have a common language.
We say: This Russian series, aimed at six- to 12-year-olds, has been airing on kids’ channel Karusel for two years but is making its international debut at Mipcom. A further 26 episodes are now in production and a shortform spin-off titled Kids & Flying Animals and targeting three- to six-year-olds debuted this year on Smile TV in Russia.

Seven_MeTitle: Seven & Me (26×26’)
Producers: Method Animation, AB Productions, DQ Entertainment, Nexus Factory, Umedia, ZDF
Distributor: AB International
They say: What would you do if at 11 years old you discover you are the descendant of one of the most famous fairytale heroines?
We say: This major Euro/Asian coproduction also has France Télévisions, Rai Fiction of Italy and Belgium’s OUFtivi involved and offers a contemporary twist on the classic Snow White fairytale. It mixes live-action and CGI and AB will be previewing it in Cannes.

Horrible_ScienceTitle: Horrible Science (10×30’)
Producer: Toff Media
Distributor: Serious Lunch
They say: This is the perfect show to get children and adults alike hooked on science.
We say: The prodco behind this show is owned by comic actors Ben Miller and Alexander Armstrong as well as Hat Trick Productions, so the comedy auspices are good. CiTV in the UK, ABC in Australia and Discovery Asia are also attached, with the Wellcome Trust and UK tax-breaks topping up the finance. Based on the books by Nick Arnold and Tony De Saulles.

ZorroTitle: Zorro the Chronicles (26×22’)
Producers: Cyber Group Studios, Zorro Productions, Blue Spirit Studios.
Distributor: Cyber Group Studios.
They say: This latest telling of the masked superhero’s story is the first CGI adaptation of the adventures of Zorro.
We say: This show, announced in Cannes two years ago, promises to be the buzz of Mip Junior, and has France Télévisions, Rai in Italy, VRT in Belgium, Tele-Quebec in Canada, Boing in France, TV2 in Norway and Clan in Spain attached. It is directed by Cyber Group Studios’ VP Olivier Lelardoux, whose credits include Zou and Tales of Tatonka.

WinnieWilbur21on21Title: Winnie & Wilbur
Producer: Winduna Enterpriseas
Distributor: Jetpack Distribution
They say: Winnie is a witch and Wilbur the cat is her long-suffering best friend, who gets tangled up in Winnie’s wonderfully wrong spells.
We say: Based on the best-selling books by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul, which have clocked up 15 books and seven million sales, this preschool toon has former Disney exec Dominic Gardiner handling distribution via his new shingle Jetpack. Channel 5 in the UK is onboard.
Trailer not yet available.

PJMasks21on21Title: PJ Masks (52×11’)
Producer: Frog Box, TeamTO
Distributor: Entertainment One
They say: When our heroes get their pyjamas on and activate their animal amulets they magically transform into their dynamic superhero alter egos.
We say: Based on French author Romuald Racioppo’s picture book series Les Pyjamasques, this preschool toon has France 5 and Disney Junior attached. After the show’s US and French debuts this fall, it will launch on Disney Junior channels around the world from 2016.
Trailer not yet available.

TELETUBBIES21on21Title: Teletubbies
Producers: Darrall Macqueen, DHX Media
Distributor: DHX Media
They say: The timeless, unique and much-loved Teletubbies are re-imagined for a new generation.
We say: The UK prodco behind Baby Jake and Topsy & Tim is rebooting the Ragdoll classic, which ceased production in 2001 but never really went off-air. The live-action/CGI hybrid has already been acquired by Nick Jr in the US, Rai YoYo in Italy, Gulli in France, CBeebies in the UK and DHX-owned Family Jr in Canada. It debuts this fall.
Trailer not yet available.

1001nights21on21Title: 1001 Nights: The Untold Stories
Producers: Chocolate Liberation Front, Hahn Film, Toonz Entertainment
Distributor: Global Screen
They say: Based on the classic Arabian Nights tales, this contemporary animated series embarks on a whole new epic adventure.
We say: With Network Ten (Australia) and ARD (Germany) already attached, this toon has a great visual style. It’s aimed at nine- to 12-year-olds and the action and monsters will appeal to boys while teen heroine Sherazade and the huge musical numbers will attract girls.
Trailer not yet available.

Bobbie bearTitle: Bobbie the Bear
Producer: Lavender Bear Productions
Distributor: ABC Commercial
They say: About the adventures of a very cute, resourceful and inquisitive purple bear.
We say: The brand took off in China after Asian celebs started posting pics of themselves with lavender-scented Bobbie plush toys on Weibo and Chinese president Xi Jinping was pictured carrying one when arriving in Tasmania earlier this year. The show inspired by the toy might do likewise.

TeamTigers21on21Title: Team Tigers (52×11’)
Producer and distributor: Splash Entertainment.
They say: Three young taekwondo students train, make friends and have lots of fun and adventures while learning about life.
We say: This US$7m series has Welsh animation legend Mike Young (SuperTed, Dive Olly Dive, Chloe’s Closet) attached as exec producer and follows cute 
tiger, panther and cheetah cubs on martial arts-related adventures. No broadcast partners have been confirmed yet.
Trailer not yet available.

Hank21on21Title: Hank the Cowdog (26×11’)
Producers: HTC Productions, Huhu Studios
Distributor: HTC Productions
They say: Follows the comedic adventures of a lovable mutt and self-appointed ‘head of ranch security’ on a family-run Texas cattle ranch.
We say: This toon is aimed at eight- to 12-year-olds and is based on the best-selling 30-year-old children’s book series of the same name by John Erickson that has sold nearly nine million copies worldwide. A big-screen movie is also in development via Texas-based Mipcom first-timer HTC.
Trailer not yet available.

Squish21on21Title: Squish (52×11’)
Producer and distributor: Cottonwood Media.
They say: Features the genuinely original world of an amoeba looking to survive in the cutthroat world of single-cell organisms… not to mention school.
We say: Based on the best-selling graphic novels by Jennifer Holm and Eisner-winning creator Matthew Holm, this show is being adapted for TV by LA-based scribe John Derevlany (Johnny Test, Gerald McBoing Boing) and the Cottonwood team. Gulli is onboard and delivery is due in 2017.
Trailer not yet available.

YaYaAndZouk21on21Title: YaYa & Zouk (78×5’)
Producer: ToonDraw Productions
Distributor: Distribution360
They say: Features a big sister with a taste for mischief and her quirky little brother as they travel between real and imaginary worlds.
We say: From Raymond Lebrun and Dominique Jolin, the creators of Canuck preschool hit Toopy & Binoo, this show debuted on Société Radio-Canada and TVA-owned kidcaster Yoopa in September. The show’s target audience is three- to six-year-olds.
Trailer not yet available.

TakeItEasyMike21on21Title: Take it Easy Mike (78×7’)
Producers: TeamTO, Digital Dimension
Distributor: TeamTO
They say: Features a photo-realistic 3D dog whose sole ambition in life is to read his paper in peace, but the other pets have different ideas.
We say: Following TeamTO’s success with Oscar’s Oasis, this show is another dialogue-free comedy toon, this time mixing the classic animation style with the look of a YouTube pet video. A one-minute trailer will be available in Cannes.
Trailer not yet available.

Dot21on21Title: Dot (52×11’)
Producers: The Jim Henson Company, Zuckerberg Media
Distributor: Henson Independent Properties
They say: About a spunky little girl obsessed with electronic devices. She pays little attention to anything else, until one day Dot sets off on an interactive adventure.”
We say: Based on books by Randi Zuckerberg, technology wizard and sister of Facebook CEO Mark, this show continues the trend of having strong female characters in lead roles. It is aimed at five- to nine-year-olds and has Canada’s public broadcaster CBC attached.
Trailer not yet available.

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