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  • Listen for the new voices (Published in Perspective) 11-12-2019
    The head of Wattpad Studios argues that the current trend for reboots suggests television is in dire need of some new voices.
  • iQiyi contacts (Published in Contacts) 11-12-2019
    Mike Ning, director of factual content at iQiyi
  • Bilibili contacts (Published in Contacts) 10-12-2019
    Bo Zhang, head of international coproductions
  • Bilibili ownership (Published in Ownership) 10-12-2019
    Bilibili Inc. and Shanghai Hode Information Technology Co.
  • SBS Contacts (Published in Contacts) 06-12-2019
    James Taylor, managing director Peter Andrews, head of network programming, SBS Sue Masters, head of scripted Joseph Maxwell, head of documentaries, SBS Australia Susie Jones, commissioning editor, SBS Acquisitions team
  • SBS Ownership (Published in Ownership) 06-12-2019
    SBS is a public broadcaster
  • Netflix takes home clutch of C21 awards (Published in News) 05-12-2019
    CONTENT LONDON: Global streaming giant Netflix picked up three prizes at the annual C21 International Drama Awards at Content London this evening.
  • Talent competition (Published in Perspective) 05-12-2019
    C21’s Content London has thrown into sharp relief the challenges the entertainment business faces thanks to its changing relationship with talent.
  • C21Media Enterprises backs Blonde Mamba (Published in News) 05-12-2019
    C21’s funding arm, C21Media Enterprise, has underlined its commitment to support new voices in the content business with an investment in LA prodco Blonde Mamba.
  • LGBTQ+’s no big deal (Published in Features) 03-12-2019
    David Michel of Cottonwood Media believes the kids’ industry still lags behind when it comes to the inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters on screen.
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